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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 19, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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what? (announcer) the 2015 subaru forester (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:00 a.m. on thursday, february 19. thanks for the company. do we all peel -- feel lucky? lunar new year. we should. i am kristen sze. with kristen sze. and meteorologist mike nicco with the forecast. >> quarter-mile visibility
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around petaluma and fairfield and now livermore and some of that is leaking to san jose. here is a look at sfo you can see how cloudy it is on the peninsula, not so foggy as elsewhere. 44 to 54 this morning. nearly 60 with hazy sunshine at noon. high clouds and warmer-than-average, 60 to nearly 70s from the coast inland and a wonderful quiet evening mid-50s. >> on the road this morning? so far so good. we are in good shape. good luck if you are traveling through san jose be careful. we have fog. that is a look at 87 travel northbound direction beyond julian street. on the tom tom tom -- on the bay bridge toll plaza we have a couple of cars collecting left side. no accidents and so far the heavy fog in the east bay is not causing any problems. we have a story that may not prove lucky for drivers. gas prices could spike after
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enjoying a long dip after a refinery explosion in southern california combined with the strike close to home. amy hollyfield is at a gas the east bay. what can drivers expect, amy? expect the spike around april or may the price of gasoline is already on the rise and we have seen it go up 20 cents in past couple of weeks because the cost of crude has increased. now consider year's fire at the exxonmobil refinery in torrance which produces 10 percent of the gas in california and there is also the strategic that has shut down the tesoro plant and those two factors reduce the flow at 16 percent causing the prices to increase. >> our commute is the worst. obviously, it will hurt the pocket.
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>> at least we had a break. gas prices have been on low for a while and now they are headed back up with two refineries down and the switch coming soon to california's summer blend it is all going to impact the price. san jose police are investigating a double shooting that happened after sock last night inside the dzo sports bar on alum rock avenue. two men were taken to the hospital. there no word on their condition. investigators are trying to determine what led to the shoot ing. we will have a report from the scene at 5:30. >> two men are in the hospital after a shooting in san francisco's mission district. this happened at 7:00 last night at 17th police say the victims got into an argument with the suspect would pulled a handgun and shot them both before taking off. last check the men were both in
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critical condition. >> doctors are trying to track down patients supposed to a bacteria that is a super bug blamed for two deaths. we talking a lot of potential exposures? >> the super bug is highly contagious and resists antibiotics the up to 179 people may have been exposed to the bacteria in southern california. ucla admits the patients could be at risk because testing instruments were contaminated although hospital officials say they were sterilized. this happened during procedures at ronald reagan medical center between october and january. so far, there are seven confirmed infections. it may have contributed to two deaths. >> devices if they are not "cleaned out appropriately,"
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they can spread the bug. >> the bacteria can cause infection of the bladder and the lungs and some symptoms include coughing, fever and chills. appreciates have been warned of the deadly bacteria and debting kits are sent home to those would have been expose south bay democratic congressman mike honda is getting positive response on social media this morning after announcing he is the proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild posting this on twitter saying "as a proud grandpa of a transgender grandchild i hope she can feel safe at school without feeling bullies." the announcement is over a national conversation about people who struggle with gender identity. >> happening today clergy from several faiths will urge president obama to fight a
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judge's order blocking new rules aimed at preventing deporting of immigrants at 9:15 on the steps of san francisco city hall after an order issues in texas that came after 26 state sued the obama administration last year to stop the federal government from allowing four million immigrants facing deportation to stay in the united states. >> uc berkeley says cities across california are criminalizing homelessness with the report saying that local laws are increasingly designed to drive the homeless from their communities and make them "someone else's problem." the study looked at 2358 california cities including san francisco. many enforce laws that ban sitting, sleeping or standing in public politicians rather than focusing on behavior like drunkenness and disorderly conduct. >> routine status hearing is
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extended today. on tuesday his attorney tried to but back the trial from june to ought saying he needs time because he is about to begin another trial for another client. he was indicted on charge of accepting $62,000 in campaign contributions and he is accused of offering to arrange the sale of machine guns and missiles to an undercover f.b.i. agent. he has pleaded not guilty. today we welcome in a new lunar new year but new weather or the same old thing? >> we have fog. that is different from yesterday. the temperatures should be the same this afternoon. we will start to see changes on sunday with cooler weather and next weekend with rain. know the north bay with the thickest fog around santa rosa at 50 and petaluma at 46. down to san rafael, at 50 and
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novato is 47 and we have napa, a warm spot at 53 and you are sharing that with lafayette and san francisco and half moon bay and redwood city and san jose at 54. newark is warp at -- warm at 56. brentwood is at 50. we have a light breeze across the golden gate bridge and no fog right now. by the afternoon hours, at 11 o'clock or noon we will transition to hazy sunshine and high clouds at 67 to 71 inland with the coast around 59 to 62 and the bay is up to 69. the clouds are getting thicker in walnut creek and the temperatures are staying above average until the cold front moves in on sunday. leyla? >> traffic is far is great on this lunar new year it is buying us good luck. the san mateo bridge is clear. we do not have fog. you can see the traffic is building as you make it across the water in hayward to fosterty
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but other than that, you are moving along at top speed and eastbound direction has in issues. we are taking you to the east bay with construction and this will last until 6:00 with all of the fog, you can see the area shaded in orange as we track weather and traffic and this is an indication of where traffic is affecting the commute. the construction is at vasco in the eastbound direction so watch out for traffic there if you are headed in the eastbound direction. use the low beams from tracy with the red westbound 205 at 580 and at 41 miles per hour through the pass. next the potential presidential candidates would have a new president saying they have a chance of winning the hearts of those in california. >> a spider that sparked a petition to "squash," it. and the bay and the bay
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covering cupertino concord wine country and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. workers are trying to determine the extent of structurallal damage after a car slammed into a drive through car in bay point. sky seven was over the scene after the accident on willow pass road. you can see the white car on the side of the drive through dairy and no one was injured. >> america will elect a new president next year and a poll shows who california favors. on republican side former florida governor bush and current wisconsin governor walker lead a field poll of g.o.p. hopefuls. they lead others like ran paul carson and marco rubio. for the democrats 59 percent of likely democratic voters are leaning toward former secretary of state and first lady hillary clinton. >> danville police are looking for two burglars who trashed we
5:13 am
a store at 3:00 own monday morning. you can see two people enter the store, rip owe the cash register drawers and take off. the burglary took only a minute. police have not said how much money they got away with. police in napa have released video of a man wanted for a string of credit card thefts the past sex years and many of the cars have been taking from lockers at health club. this video from the stores including target and wal-mart and apple and he has made several high dollar purchases with the cards before they are reported stolen. >> morgan hill residents hope a petition changes the minds of city leaders when it comes to installing art depicting a giant spider on a new parking garage. the city will hand $400,000 to put up the skiant spider on the side of this new $12 million packing garage. our media partner reports that officials say the idea is parking a lot of talk in the south bay city which and what art is supposed to do.
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>> the spider sculpture was inspired by the fame oz spiders part of the spider festival each fall. >> the federal reserve has the biggest hadn't on when interest rates will rise. here is america's money report. good morning, everyone, the fed is no flurry to raise interest rates. >> minutes from the meet they expressed concern of inflation if rates go up too soon signaling keeping them knee zero to avoid derailing economic discovery. muhammad ali is making a comeback. don't get too excited. more than three decade last fight with >> and the girl scout cookie order could be a little delays because of a cookie shortage. there are plenty of tag alongs but in some areas a short
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average of thin mints so all varieties have been rescheduled. a quarter of all girl scout cookies are chocolate coated mint cookies. >> the city of san francisco has won a battle with airbnb and paid $25 million in back taxes. supervisor has been pressuring them to pay the hotel tax that other businesses pay. it is valued at $13 billion and has been collecting and paying the tax since the new law took affect this your allowing it to operate locally in san francisco. that means paying the taxes. >> divers have discovered nearly 2000 gold coins off the coast of israel. a crew was exploring an ancient mediterranean harbor and found the treasure. it is suspected she been at the bottom the sea for a through years. they believe a shipwreck of an
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ancient treasury boat carrying collected taxes may also be at the bottom of the harbor. >> quite a find. >> always the taxes no matter how far back you go. >> we have fog? >> yes. and sunshine. and warmer temperatures. changes are on the way. the fog is thickest inland and we will watch that through the morning commute. we have been down as low as quarter-mile if livermore and petaluma but in rain this morning. you may need the windshield wipers once in a will because we have so much moisture in the air and once in a while it does sit on the car and you have to run the wipers. san rafael shows southbound on 101 you are drive into the abyss to the golden gate bridge but there is no fog on the golden gate bridge and we are seeing pretty low visibility in the south bay looking to the sharp
5:17 am
tank along 87 in san jose. we are going to be warmer-than-average through saturday that is the number one highlight with a cold front coming in from the east and it arrives on sunday, and really, never has any rain with it and if it had any rain it would fall in the form of snow in the sierra and that is not a great possibility. a pattern change late next now, today's temperatures and who will hit 70: lake port. livermore. morgan hill. other areas could as you drive around today, mid-to-upper 60s mostly and upper 50s to let 60 at the coast. tonight, middle to upper 40s inland and around the bay up to the mid-50s around oakland and san mateo. those are the warm spots. two areas of high pressure are wandering over the land and sea. though are keeping us stagnant.
5:18 am
the area of low pressure around the high and backing to us and bringing us the cooler push on sunday, monday and tuesday. that low will develop into a big trough and that is an area of instability sitting over us on friday interest saturday and we can feignally see the rain rolling into the forecast. until then get used to the 60s at the coast and upper 60s to low 70s around the bay and inland through saturday and oscar sunday you can see the cooler weather hanging around through tuesday the have a good one. leyla? >> maybe you do not want does drive in the fog we have 41 bart trains on time and ace train one and three are on the tracks and ace train one is a point late. and a.c. transit has no delays in the east bay. the bay area shows plenty of green and as we move into the east bay the area shaded in orange is an indication of fog
5:19 am
and it could affect the commute. we have wanted the drive times from tracy to dublin is the fog is hanging over 580 and it is not causing any problems but we have a high dense fog advisory and southbound 505 may have been the cause of a jackknifeed big rig and the truck itself is over off the road but the lanes could be blocked. the south bay has 101 clear at san jose airport and 280 nice and clear at cupertino and highways 85, 17 87 clear and accident free. tonight, home security systems are supposed to make you safe but they could be a target for hackers. michael rides with a rex -- professional hacker to see how international space station it is to get into a home. >> we are in the car and play the roll of attacker and we are
5:20 am
hacking into the home security system and disable it. see how little time it took and what you can do to protect yourself. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. >> hair raising new do north korean leader kim jong-un is reporting. >> and a big secret of jimmy kimmel. stay tuned.
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call 1-800-royal caribbean today. jack's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today, his doctor has him on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before your begin an aspirin regimen. real transformations can happen as much inside a person as out. that's why you should take the listerine® 21 day challenge. use listerine® and over 21 days you'll experience a transformation. take the listerine® 21 day challenge and start your transformation today. here are seven things to know before you go. one, san jose police are investigating a shooting inside a sports bar that left two men wounds that happened at the dzo sports bar at 10:00 last night. we have a report in a few minutes from the scene.
5:23 am
a santa clara university student accused of stabbing his roommate will be arraigned today. the 19-year-old roommate with a knife while in bed the he had a stab wound and ultimate people cuts will be okay. >> hundreds turned out to honor kayla mueller killed by isis militants. the memorial was if her hometown of resolution cot, arizona with the death con firmed after being captured in syria a year and a half ago. >> we could so a spike if gas prices after an explosion at a southern california refinery that produces 10 percent of the gas sold in the state. so far prices in the bay area are are a penny higher than yesterday on average. no word on the cause of the blast in torrance. the definition of a typical family is changing. men are staying at home more
5:24 am
while more women are focusing on their career. men now account for 15 percent of stay at home parents. we are off to a foggy start especially inland tracking quarter-mile visibility with live doppler hd in livermore and petaluma and this will not step the warming trend. a pattern change will bring a chance of rain. >> is the fog asecretarying -- affecting your commute? we are not finding too many problems on the roads but there is plenty of congestion building north korea supreme leader has a new hair style. this image was released of kim jong-un at a meeting and his hair is a lot higher than the rest style and it looks like his eyebrows were groomed they are shorter and a little more dramatic. the new more sever look matches with his message at the meeting
5:25 am
warping of a crackdown on abuse of power and corruption. >> no doubt there will be a lot of interesting hairdo's ought the -- at the oscars. neat patrick harris will host the oscars and he stopped by jimmy kimmel talking about getting ready with a few tricks up his sleeve but he is hoping for some fresh material. >> i hope for a >> maybe you could get caught not being gay or something like that. >> that would be a held a thing. >> i tried that in "gone >> it does not end well for his character and that movie said he has nine or ten votes about ben
5:26 am
affleck that he so proudly displayed in seven frames. >> we areome for oscar sunday with "on we carpet," and see what the stars are wearing at 4:00 and at 5:30 you can watch would wins. >> katie marzullo will be in los angeles for the oscars with reports starting on friday and through the weekend. >> a full 90 minutes of news including the sudden crash craig the life of an east bay teen. what happened in the seconds before the accident don't wait for
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live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. we welcome the year of the ram and thank you for joining us. i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and a look at the forecast with meteorologist mike nicco. >> we have a little bit of fog and the lowest visibility is petaluma and livermore at quarter-mile and half mile at fairfield and 1.5 mile in santa rosa and san jose is four so the fog is moving. this is how it looks at walnut creek southbound on 680. 12 hour day planner is in the upper 40s to low 50's 60s by noon and upper 60s inland by 4:00. a detroit. evening in the mid-to-upper 50s. >> with the fog is it causing problems? >> so far so good but[
5:30 am
speaking mandarin block [ -- >> traffic is building and collecting in the far right and left hand lanes and the metering lights are not turn on but at the toll plaza it is a different story and empty across the water at five minutes to the north bay. we have a jackknifed big rig and fog advisory for traffic. developing news in the south bay, police are looking for the shooter what wounded two machine inside a san jose sports bar. we have the latest from matt. police are trying to figures out the motive and the circumstances at behind the shooting. they say so far they have no suspects in custody. this took place before 10:00 last night on alum rock avenue near north capitol avenue with two men suffering from a gunshot
5:31 am
wound and necessity were taken to the hospital to be treated. no word on their conditions. officers interviewed people and took evidence and the small area of san jose saw recent violence much a year ago three people were shot at a restaurant a few doors down and one was killed. two other victims survived. a block away another man was shot and killed near a jack in the jack-in-the-box restaurant. there are two a.t.m.s right out in front of the restaurants so no word if there was video on the a.t.m. machines. a mysterious death if gilroy is now a murder investigation. police are looking for for people of interest in the murder of this man if his home. two women were inside a store in east san jose and investigators say though used the victim's credit card hours after his death. the 56-year-old was found inside
5:32 am
his gilroy home dead discovered on monday. the coroner is trying to determine the cause of death but said he suffered trauma. today east bay mud crews will dig around a ruptured hype to find the source of a leak that flooded a walnut creek neighborhood of the pipe runs along the regional trail and is drained after flood two yours and turned a swimming pool into a mud hole. the emergency call was received in walnut creek on monday but they could not zero in on the leak for two days. the ruptured pipe delivers directing water from the sierra reservoir to the east bay. so far three of -- 3.5 gallons have been lost. backlash against san francisco's catholic archbishop. hundreds protested the hoof to make teachers sign more v.a.
5:33 am
clause -- to sign morality clauses for the teachers that condemn homosexuality, same-sex marriage birth control and artificial insemination. the archbishop says it and about staying on message with the church. >> we can stand up product." jut as someone would works for coca-cola can not expect to go to work with a can of pepsi in their hand and sing the virtues of pepsi. >> our contracts asks us to be people of integrity and honor the catholic faith. we do. what is the problem? it make me nervous. >> san francisco supervisors and state legislators may ask for a reconsideration of the decision by the archbishop. >> a crisis team will help students and teachers cope with
5:34 am
the death of a 14 year old student while crossing the intersection yesterday morning. the family members say the 14-year-old was on the way to middle school and witnesses say gonzalez was crossing again the signature mall and was hit while trying to run across the street. his friends remember him as someone that everyone liked. >> i always went to the park with him. we had a lot of fun together. he was a good boy, a smart kid. a nice guy. good person. >> the driver was not at fault and was following the 35 mile per hour speed limit. new fears of a super bug outbreak in southern california. dozens fear they i don't come down with the potentially deadly bug after being exposed two have died and seven were infected by the deadly bacteria.
5:35 am
179 patients were exposed during procedures over several months. officials say the scopes were stormized to meet the we manufacturing guidelines what may need to be revisited. patients receiving home testing kits to see to they have developed an infection. drivers are keeping a close eye on gas prices this morning. so far so good. there was an explosion at a crucial california row finery. an investigation is underway to determine the cause of the blast at the common mobile exxonmobil refinery. it produces 10 percent of the gas sold in the state and experts say this will have an impact on the pries as other refineries reduce production to switch to summer blend. >> parents are warned of a game being played where student
5:36 am
pretend to kill each other. the administration at two high schools in danville sent letters about a game called "assassin where students pretend to absolute each other with fake guns and the last one standing wins. the police are working with the high school and western a student being chased could dart and traffic or toy weapons could be mistaken for real. >> fans of bicycling learn route that the tour of california will follow in the spring. 700-mile race attracts the top riders and the race includes 18 top bicycling teams and elite roster of women's team. the tour of california runs from may 10 through by 17 and previous races have included stages in the bay area. >> people around the world are celebrating the year of the ram and chinese new year celebrations are held in super
5:37 am
bowl and the mayor lee will lead a parade and celebration welcoming the year of the ram. this is video from the even festivities begin at 11 o'clock and proceed down clay treat before helping in front hilton financial district hotel. they will have traditional lion dancers, 200' dragon and a water snake and three live rams. >> okay. >> if san jose the vietnamese community is ringing in the lunar new year with the heritage flag raising ceremony that is held at city hall plaza at 11:30. the mayor liccardo will be on hand and a city council member for the festivities and the flag-raising ceremony is followed by a concert with traditional instruments.
5:38 am
>> now we wish all of our viewers great health happenness and fortunes. >> i agree, thank you. we hope the weather will cooperate and bring us better pore tune in the form of rain and snow. we have only fog right now and mild temperatures from 48 in antioch and san ramon and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s from danville at 51 to pittsburg and brentwood and 53 in lafayette. climbing mt. newark is 56. cupertino is 52. 47 right now in novato. the neighbor, san rafael all the fog on 101 looking southbound so be careful. from san rafael up to santa rosa and win door, looking good. we transition over from fog to
5:39 am
sunshine and 67 to 71 and the coast is up to 62. up to 69 at the bay. from the exploritorium a light breeze along the bay water. temperatures are going to remain above average until sunday when a cold front moves in and drops us fur to -- four to six degrees. >> mass transit has a delay on bart and sfo and mill bring at ten minutes because of an equipment problem. ace train one and three are on time and a.c. transit has in delays. we have a jackknifed big rig in solano county which is experiencing a dense fog advisory issued by c.h.p. so you will find wood debris in the lanes and a jackknifeed 58 wheeler. we have slowing in the northbound direction and the orange is tracking weather and
5:40 am
traffic together and an indication of where the fog is affecting the commute. the fog is not causing too much of a problem, tracy to dublin is 39 minutes and highway 4 westbound antioch to concord is 19 minutes and 101 to the north bay from san rafael to san francisco is under 20 minutes. a push to legalize the recreational use of marijuana if california gets surprising support and a stop leader who says it is "inevitable." >> smokes in the midwest wake up to record cold temperature with dangerous new problems with tons of ice and snow. >> you are looking live at san francisco international airport with low clouds out there keeping weather and traffic through the entire commercial break.
5:41 am
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covering daly city dublin, los gatos and all the bay area this is abc7 news. welcome back at 5:42. california attorney general and united states senate hopeful harris has no moral objection to legalizing marijuana for recreational use. harris has looked at the legal sale of hot use and says special care is required to examine how it affects children and public safety. california allows marijuana to be old for medical purposes with a prescription from a doctor. >> students attending the schools will not fay a tuition hike for now. university of california president napolitano says she is pest pointing a proposed increase as a good faith during discussions with governor brown looking to senator more students without increasing
5:44 am
prices. napolitano urged raising of 5 percent tuition a year for each of five years. >> millions of americans have to been dill up at the arctic cold grips the nation with hats and scarves not only fashion accessories but schools are closed with record-setting cold from the midwest to the northeast. forecasters say it will be 20 to 40 degrees colder than usual in manny areas. >> and a lot snows. and the damage it can do. you can see part of a roof collapse in massachusetts. officials evacuated a shopping plaza after a woman heard "cracking noise his," in the ceiling of her business. so far, 74 roofs have collapsed the past ten days as massive amendments of snow fell and you
5:45 am
notice the beauty of the snow as it falls but you do not think of weight. >> that was wet snow, heavy snow because they were so close to the snow it picked up the moisture and not like the dry snow of utah and colorado which is different. >> if we can bring the snow here. >> we would take anything. possibly next week. can you tell what kind of car that was? or s.u.v.? >> jeep. jeep. japanese -- jeep they remain withed it up and backed it up and it was stuck to the ground. >> incredible! >> impressive. isn't it? wanted to share that. that is how cold it is. now, it is eight below zero in
5:46 am
chicago, five below zero in detroit, 16 below zero in fargo and now with the wind chills 28 below zero in chicago 22 below zero in minneapolis and detroit and ten below zero in st. in atlanta. it is cold in the eastern third of the country. livermore is quarter-mile so over the a pass and headed unto san ramon and to the heart of the san ramon valley it is very foggy and petaluma is quarter of a mile at 160 to 101 where they come together and all the way up to the parkway in santa rosa. sfo is waiting at ten minutes when we find out how delays will be affecting us. warmer than average headed into the afternoon through saturday and a dry cold front arriving on sunday and the biggest pattern
5:47 am
change is this time next week when we can possibly see the rain. we are 70 in livermore and 72 in cloverdale and the coast is upper 50s to low 60s. patchy fog is possible tonight and temperatures mild compared to what will happen with the cold front sunday and monday with the 30's and 40s coming back and instead we will 40s and 50s and the area of high pressure is dominating our weather and the low will ride around and back its way to the arctic air with it and that and why we get colder at night sunday, monday and tuesday and on friday and saturday you can see possibly the beginning of a wetter pattern in march. expect warmer weather toward saturday and four to six degrees cooler for oscar sunday and the coolest morning and afternoon is
5:48 am
monday and then a mission. >> bart now is ten or 10- 15-minute delay and that is because of an equipment problem. the bay bridge toll plaza shows metering lights are turned on. officially. the switch is flipped. the traffic is stopped. from the maze it will be a wait at 15 minutes beyond the tolls into san francisco. we still are inundated by the fog with the big rig jackknifeed 189 wheeler with debris if the lanes and traffic is moving well and starting to see the slowing in the northbound direction. over to 580 westbound we have an accident with c.h.p. needed so that is causing slowing as you push out of pleasanton to dublin the rest of the drive from dublin to castro valley is a breeze.
5:49 am
you just have to take a minute to watch this 96 story. >> proof that inches, a fraction of an inch can separate victory from bitter devote. >> 8th grade basketball in kansas, rock creek had a chance to win but the ball was stuck on the rim against riley county and surveyed there until the clock ran out. the referees call it a jump ball and with in time left riley county prevailed 26-25 wow! so heartbreaking for the boy would made the shot. >> and the whole team. >> and the cheerleaders. do not forget the cheerleaders. >> coming up dog grouch dogs were taken at gunpoint. >> a new breast cancer treatment
5:50 am
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he's more hardcore. so your sleep goes from good to great to wow! now we can all choose amazing sleep only at a sleep number store. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. know better sleep with sleep number. >> police in chicago are searching for a stolen doggy day care van stolen at gun point. the owners of the dogs want their beloved dogs returns up armed. they were in an unmarked van and they were carjacked.
5:53 am
police say we have been flooded with --s is calls but have yet to fine the van or the dogs. >> today the the spring training. >> they are ready. pitchers and catchers report in arizona for the first work out tomorrow and position players arriving next tuesday. >> the team will play the home games at the stadium and the littlewolf training complex opens as the a's new minor league plaining facility and open play against the giants manner 3. >> and barry zito will be watched. >> and the last day of the king tide is today at golden gate bridge at 11:0 it at 12:16 it will peak in
5:54 am
oakland. now, what will happen if you travel around through the central valley today, dense fog advisory until 11 o'clock and to the south until 8:00 so maybe some arrive delays san diego and los angeles with temperatures in the upper 60 to low 70s through the central valley and lake tahoe is not a record high. 61 is close to the record and slight chance of snow showers on sunday. we will look at the san mateo bridge where it looks like traffic is moving necessarily across the water from hayward to's step city. we did have an accident in the north bay but we have green conditions and we will look right now along the peninsula 101 between san mateo and the peninsula you are looking clear and 280 has in delays and we are finding slowing at the bay bridge toll plaza because the metering lights are turned on and the slowing through hair, southbound 880 is slow-and-go traffic from 238.
5:55 am
happening today, president obama is announcing a gift to 4th grader, all 4th grade ares and their families get free admission to national parks for a full year. usually the pass costs $80. teens under 15 get free admission but the families play. the administration is trying to get will schools and students outcars. >> the fooded if is advising people with peanut allergies to avoid cumin. hundreds of products are pulled from the shelves after traces of peanut were found. the list has been growing since december. from spice politics to black pens to meats. look for anything that has cumin in the ingredients. >> a breakthrough in advanced breast cancer allowing parents
5:56 am
to link longer using a mix of three drugs rather than two with part of the formula made by a local company. they study 48 women whose canceled -- condition certificate had spread. those would used the combination lived 15 months longer than the standard treatment. >> police officer in massachusetts made the find of a lifetime but did not know it for years. >> he found an egg shaped object if his and it sat there for six years until he saws saw a news story but it was a rare pearl that has been authenticated that will hit the auction block next month and will likely bring $10,000 to $15,000 or more. good thing he did not just swallow it.
5:57 am
>> or break a tooth. >> is apple poaching top tech talent for a secret proj >> later, account coe and sam's club, "7 on your side" teams up with "consumer reports" tells us who offers the best deals. stay tuned.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. the biggest refineries in the state goes up if flames and we have a gas price warning. >> 200 patients at a california hospital could have been supposed to a deadly bacteria. >> a congressman posted a picture his grandchild on
6:00 am
twitter that is picking up praise this morning. >> we have to praise our fans for tuning in. thanks for starting director day with us. thank you. leyla gulen is here with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the weather. thank you. >> thank all of you. >> thank you! >> good morning everyone, we are having fun but not traveling through livermore fairfield is half-a-mile visibility. and 2.5 visibility if san jose. this is how it lookings near the shark tank. we use that as the backdrop showing it is mild, 44 to 54 and away the upper 50s at noon with a transition to hazy sunshine and high clouds and 60 at the coast at 4:00 and mid-to-upper 50s this evening. we have a cold front this weekend and i will show you the changes and rain finally, in the forecast


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